Trinity Lutheran Church and School

Freistatt Missouri

Trinity History


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Rev. H. Grupe


April 1875 - March 1878



Rev. John E. Roschke


Aug. 1878 - May 1919



Rev. Conrad Bernthal


August 1919 - March 1941



Rev. Walter W. Stuenkel


August 1941 - March 1948



Rev. William J. Stelling


August 1948 - June 1973



Rev. Erwin Moldenhauer 


1973 - 1975



Rev. Walter Loeber


November 1975 - February 1982



Rev. Henry Schaefer


January 1983 - April 1993



Rev. Keith Christiansen


April 1994 - November 1997



Rev. Steven Becker


1998 - 2001



Rev. Brandon Luft


February 2003 - August 2006



Rev. Barrett R. Buchmueller


October 2008 - July 2015


A History of Trinity Lutheran Church, Freistatt, MO

08 September 1874 Trinity Lutheran Church founded by nine (9) men. They are: David Fritz, Johann Fritz, August Fritz, William Schoen, Ernest Schoen, Ferinand Malzahn, William Zemke, Louis Krueger, Gottlieb Krueger.

April 1875 First "Resident Pastor," Rev. H. Grupe, arrives at Trinity.

March / April 1878 Rev. H. Grupe accepts a Call to a congregation in another District

11 April 1878 First Church Sanctuary Dedicated

11 August 1878 New Concordia Seminary graduate, Rev. John Roschke, installed as the 2nd Pastor of Trinity.

October 1882 First ˜Called' Teacher, Mr. H. Nehrling, arrives to teach at Trinity Lutheran School.

Early 1880's Trinity Lutheran School charges tuition for the first time. Tuition of $1 per month is charged to non-members "of the community" who are "desiring to send their children to the congregation's private school."

01 July 1883 Second Church Sanctuary Dedicated. The original is converted into a school.

1907 Second School Building Dedicated.

07 May 1919 Rev. John Roschke dies "in office," having spent his entire ministry at Trinity.

August 1919 Rev. Conrad Bernthal installed as the 3rd Pastor

20 January 1921 Dorcas Ladies Aid officially organized at Trinity

1927 Current brick school building dedicated. The first two school buildings are demolished.

March 1941 Rev. Conrad Bernthal resigns due to illness

17 August 1941 Rev. Walter W. Stuenkel installed as the 4th Pastor of Trinity

1943 The Trinity Ladies Aid joins the LC-MS's Lutheran Women's Missionary League

Summer 1948 Current Parsonage completed

14 March 1948 Rev. Walter W. Stuenkel's last Sunday as the 4th Pastor of Trinity. He has accepted a Call to a congregation in St. Joseph, Michigan

Rev. Stuenkel went on to eventually earn his Doctorate, and served as the President of Concordia College, Milwaukee, WI

08 August 1948 Rev. William J. Stelling installed as Trinity's 5th Pastor

1949 Trinity celebrates its Diamond Jubilee.

1950 Mr. E.H. Dieckhoff is installed as Principal of Trinity School

01 January 1951 Trinity is included as one of Life Magazine's ˜12 Great American Churches' after having been selected as such by The Christian Century Magazine. Life Magazine, 01 January 1951

March 1954 Groundbreaking held for Trinity's Third Sanctuary

09 January 1955 Trinity's Third Sanctuary is dedicated

06 September 1959 School Expansion is dedicated. Additions include a gymnasium, a Visual Aid room, and an additional classroom

1959 “ 1963 Pastor Stelling serves as the President of the Western District. Pastor Stelling continues to serve as Trinity's 5th Pastor during his tenure as District President

03 June 1973 Pastor Stelling retires after serving as 5th Pastor.

July 1973 Rev. Erwin A. Moldenhauer is installed as 6th Pastor

14 April 1974 Easter Sunday sees the completion of the 17 rank Moeller Pipe Organ, and is played for the first time during church.

11 September 1974 Formal Dedication of the Moeller Pipe Organ takes placed during "Dedication Week."

1975 Rev. Erwin A. Moldenhauer resigns his Call as 6th Pastor
November 1975 Rev. Walter Loeber is installed as 7th Pastor.

13 December 1976 Chancel Window Art Glass installed

16 January 1977 Chancel Window officially dedicated

1978 Radio Broadcasts of the worship services begins

August 1979 Remaining windows have Art Glass installed with time to spare before the 25th Anniversary of the building is celebrated

December 1979 Today's Farmer does an article on Trinity. The article talks about how she is a ˜A Cornerstone of the Freistatt Community.'

9 January 1980 25th Anniversary of Dedication of the current sanctuary is celebrated

February 1982 Rev. Walter Loeber accepts a Call away from Trinity, thus ending his tenure as Trinity's 7th Pastor.

January 1983 Rev. Henry Schaefer is installed as 8th Pastor.

30 April 1993 Rev. Henry Schaefer retires as the 8th Pastor.
He moves to the Mid-South District working part-time in their District Office.

01 December 1993 The Christian Century does a follow-up article on Trinity after having including her in the magazine's Great American Churches' series in the early 1950's.

17 April 1994 Rev. Keith Christiansen is installed as 9th Pastor

1995 Carole Kleiboeker commissioned as the new Principal of Trinity Lutheran School.

November 1997 Rev. Keith Christiansen accepts a Call to Concordia, Missouri ending his tenure as Trinity's 9th Pastor.

09 August 1998 Rev. Steven Becker is installed as 10th Pastor.

12 March 2000 Trinity Lutheran School celebrates 125 years!!Dedication of the renovated school building occurs. Renovations & additions include new classrooms, a Fellowship Hall, and a new gymnasium.

2001 Rev. Steven Becker finishes his tenure as 10th Pastor.

23 February 2003 Rev. Brandon Luft installed as 11th Pastor.

20 June 2004 Mortgage Burning Ceremony for the most recent school additions

18 May 2005 Mrs. Carole Kleiboeker is honored for her 25 years of Teaching Ministry to Trinity Lutheran School

August 2006 Rev. Brandon Luft resigns his Call as 11th Pastor.

12 October 2008 After a two+ year Pastoral vacancy Rev. Barrett R. Buchmueller is installed as the 12th Pastor of Trinity.

31 July 2015 Rev. Buchmueller resigns his position to enter training for Veteran's Chaplaincy.

1 August 2015 Mrs. Amanda Moennig becomes Principal of Trinity Lutheran School, replacing Mrs. Carole Kleiboeker who retires after more than 35 years of service.