Freistatt Missouri

Girls Basketball

6-8 Trinity Jr. High Girls Basketball 

All games and practices will fall under MSHSAA rules. These rules will only apply to 7-8 grade athletics.  MSHSAA rules state 7th and 8th graders may NOT participate on a traveling team or practice on a traveling team during our season. 6th graders MAY participate on traveling teams and do not fall
under MSHSAA rules during the Jr High Season. Please ask  Athletic Director, or the school office if you have any questions concerning this. 
Trinity encourages you to show school pride and allegiance and put Trinity games and practices first over traveling teams.
Maintaining your studies is of great importance. Please keep your studies up during the basketball season.

Pre-season practice
For those that played Volleyball:
The skills of volleyball are closely related to those of basketball, such as jumping, timing, ball handling, use of fingertips, balance, and team play. These skills provide a stepping stone to basketball.
The first week:
The first week of practice will consist of drills and running. Basketball running is described as dashes, spurts, or short sprints, and change of direction. We will cover many of the basketball fundamentals. We will use fundamentals such as body balance, ball handling, and peripheral vision drills. This is the time for good conditioning. This is the foundation on which to build a winning basketball team. We will start implementing some basic plays

The second week: 
We will cover many of the basketball fundamentals and drills. We will start detailed instruction on plays.