Freistatt Missouri


Trinity Lutheran School provides a Christ centered
approach to education. The education nurtures

the childs faith, equips the child to use that faith on
a daily basis, and prepares the child toshare that faith with others.


Our Mission Statement: It is the mission statement of Trinity Lutheran School to proclaim and joyously celebrate the Gospel -- through a quality, Christ-centered educational program -- with one another, the community, and the world. 

Please call to visit our School¦ We'd love to show you around!

We are a partnership ministry with families to
prepare the WHOLE student to have an
impact on the WHOLE world in Jesus' love!


Offering 3 year old Preschool  through Grade 8 and Before & After School Care.

218 North Main Street, Freistatt, Missouri 65654

School Security

  • Every classroom is locked from the inside during the school day.
  • All of the exterior doors to the school building are locked during school hours with access only through the Main Entrance doors on the East side of the school after school starts. All doors are equipped with 24 hour video recording monitors and are electronically opened from the office. Everyone must "Buzz in" using the white keypad button. Visitors must check in at the office and get a visitor's pass.
  • Each classroom has a multi use intercom for internal communication throughout the school.
  • Before school parents need to use the north breezeway entrance to drop off their children.
  • Freistatt prides itself on having one of the best security protocols in place in the region.
  • For more detail on Trinity's Security Measures please contact the school office.