Trinity Lutheran Church and School

Freistatt Missouri


Lutheran Youth Fellowship
of Trinity Lutheran Church
Freistatt Missouri

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Upcoming Local Activities

6-8th Grade  Bowling and BBQ
February 7th

@ Strike Zone in Aurora
This will be our first get-together to meet and discuss what other types of activities we may want to do in the future.  Please bring a friend and join us for an afternoon of fun and fellowship.
The bowling cost will be $7 a person to bowl. This includes 2 games and shoe rental.
|Bring more money to eat out at Hawg Wild BBQ afterwards.
If you have any questions, please contact Ms Berg or Ms Jelinek at school.

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The LYF logo is a stylized cross made from the intersecting design of the organization's initials, LYF. The cross is key to what LYF is, emphasizing that the cross and work of Jesus Christ is the central focus of all that we do in youth ministry. The "y"s in the four sets of initials with their circle "heads" represent the youth of the church, their "arms" uplifted in celebration and youthful enthusiasm. Their "arms" touch/clasp, emphasizing the fellowship and community aspects of youth ministry inherent in the group's name and serve as a reminder that a key element in youth ministry in the new century is building relationships - with Christ and with each other.  

The logo features three fish, drawing from an ancient symbol for the Christian church. The logo represents the focus of the LCMS vision for youth ministry. The logo fish are "cross-eyed" suggesting that all youth ministry first focuses on Christ and strives to help build a young person's relationship with his or her Savior. The use of three fish calls to mind our triune God and also represents the relational nature of youth ministry including relationships with God, with each other, with adults and family members and with the local congregation. Building strong relationships is a key element in effective youth ministry. With a bit of humor, the logo is appropriate for youth ministry in that fish and youth both travel in schools. The fish "swim" together, focused on Christ.

The logo replaces the two versions of the butterfly logo used to mark LCMS Youth Ministry over the past 23 years. The logo was designed by Rev. Terry Dittmer, Director of LCMS Youth Ministry, and graphically interpreted by Steve Teson, Owl Design It Graphic Design, St. Peters, Missouri.