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What is Motor Medicals? It is an evolving range of services that we are proud to offer to our clients. A motor vehicle accident is likely to require urgent care, preferably within the first 4 hours of the incident. We understand this is unlikely to happen within a 24 hour period in most cases. However, with all the uncertainty of accident and injury, our community has come to expect more services. At Motor Medicals we are committed to providing the best we can for all customers and will always endeavour to be competitive in price, patient care and delivery.

We are specialists in urgent care and urgent care services for the whole Manchester region. We pride ourselves on treating all aspects of the common cold, flu, minor injuries and minor surgeries. Our experienced teams care for both adults and children at their home or in a health care centre of your choice. As well as providing full recovery care we also make sure your mobility, quality of life and quality of care is always excellent. Booking online through our secure online system ensures that all details are taken care of at an affordable price and your visit to our clinic can be arranged as per your needs. Calls to our clinic are taken directly from your mobile phone and are always answered by our friendly team Just gives you the opportunity to get the important things done while making an effective visit to our clinic

Our clinics are growing in popularity so kindly book soon to avoid disappointment. Take care and see you in one of our clinics. Evening and weekend appointments are a real option which you can choose from and save money on average by being taken to the medical facilities closest to where you live. By taking advantage of this service the patient will not have to travel far and will be treated by a certified and medical licensed doctor who will give their best to provide the best service available at the time. This will make it easier on yourself and secondly it will keep people happy and spending more money on your medical care